Adventure #3 is about to start!!!
"Rumba, Rum and a Revolutionary Drink"
will officially launch at
DesignerCon 2017, November 11th and 12th.
• Magnets • Stickers • Cocktail Trading Cards • Models
• Buttons • Autographs
And MORE D-CON exclusives!!! 
Stop by and say Hello, (or Zdravstvuyte if you're a Belka/Strelka fan and take home
a collectible AUTOGRAPHED soft-cover "Rumba"
along with our first book "Space, Sputnik and a Sirius Drink,"
our second adventure "Desert, Dinos and a VERY Dry Martini."
Sign our email list and enter a drawing for one of each book as they are published, plus some very cool and extremely random collectible stuff.